GenConnect Coaching is a program created by founders Leigh Lones and Kerry Higley.

We are passionate about helping employers find talented employees and through our coaching programs support their development into future leaders. 

Why us

We care about your success.   Every GenConnect recruit receives coaching designed to support their needs.  We offer three programs to address areas of developement for employees, managers and executives.  





“I have learned how to harness the resources in my current surroundings so that I can bloom where I am planted!”

- Fallan Fairley

"GenConnect has such a wealth of business experience to share. The time spent together analyzing the information gained through the HBDI experience was interesting and thought provoking."

- Nicole Wolfson



We have articles, guides, infographs and videos on many topics including Leadership, Wellness, Goal Setting and more are available on our resources page.

Direct Contact

You will have direct contact with experienced people who care. Everyone on the coaching team has years of experience and are trained professionals.

24/7 Access

You have round the clock access to our website loaded with great information and ideas. Coaches are available for calls on an "as need" basis anytime during the program.

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