At GenConnect Recruiting, we know it can be challenging to settle into a new job.   Getting to know your managers and colleagues can be stressful while adapting to a new business culture. Our coaching programs are designed to help you settle in quickly while also learning a bit more about yourself.   Every participant goes through the HBDI Wholebrain Thinking assessment.  It’s a tool designed to bring awareness to your thinking preferences and to enhance your relationships with others.   The key take away from the program is a Career/Life Map you will create outlining your past current and future career and personal aspirations. 

Our goal is not only to help settle into that dream job, but also to navigate you through an exciting career path full of opportunities to develop and advance your professional and personal skills.

  • Career Counseling: Understanding your career path opportunities can be difficult. With our career counseling we will help you understand where your skills and experience can lead you, and how you can find a career that is exciting and rewarding.
  • Career assessments: Unsure about your career path or what type of job may fit your personality? Take our career assessment to better understand your interests and behaviors as they relate to possible career choices. Once you’ve taken your assessment, we’ll help you understand your results and guide you with career implications.
  • Thinking assessments: Being aware of your personality and how it contributes to an organization is critical when choosing your career. After you’ve taken our personality assessment, we’ll help you recognize your distinctive personality traits and how they can work to your advantage in your career search.
  • Coaching: Professional development is one of the most important stepping stones to becoming successful in your career. In our coaching sessions, we’ll help you identify your goals and unlock your full potential, putting you one step closer to becoming an invaluable asset.
  • New Job support - Support settling in. Help to gain understanding of business culture. Building peer relationship
  • Life/Career Map – Be responsible for your own development!  Learn what’s required and seek the training.