At GenConnect Recruiting, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect candidate for the job. We also understand the importance of how training and development is key to an employee’s success. That’s why our services and solutions are different.

Our coaching program is designed to focus on making you and your team bond and grow successfully. Whether you need assistance in the employee onboarding process and orientation programs, job analysis and descriptions or training design and coaching, we’re here every step of the way. From day one, you’ll have access to a variety of solutions that are focused on meeting the needs of the company. Our non-traditional process is here to help you find and retain today’s top talent.


  • Employee Onboarding: From the moment your new talent arrives, our employee onboarding solutions will provide you and your new employee with strategic goals and objectives to ensure their transition into your business is smooth and successful.
  • Orientation Programs: Orientation is not a stand-alone event. It is an opportunity to for you to ensure your new hire becomes productive and satisfied in their new role. Our orientation programs will assist in acclimating your employees into their new position to ensure long-term success.
  • Job Analysis & Descriptions: One of the most critical working parts of finding the best candidates starts with understanding the roles and responsibilities of your open positions. Our staff helps you analyze and describe your career opportunities to help attract top tier talent.
  • Interview Guides: At the very least, interviews are an opportunity to network and showcase your brand. At the very most, the process will find the right fit for your organization. Either way, the interview process is crucial, and by using our interview guides, you’ll be one step closer to making better hiring decisions.
  • HR Policies and Procedures: Establishing a framework for your organization’s guidelines and standards carries a vital role to ensuring your employees are successful. Our staff will interpret your guidelines and work to build an infrastructure to protect the well-being of your company and its employees.
  • Training Design, Development & Evaluation: By offering training, development and evaluations to your employees, you’ll not only help them better understand your organization while polishing their professional skills, but you’ll also be able to set exciting, challenging, realistic benchmarks and long-term goals for your employees.
  • Coaching: Maximize your employee’s professional and personal potential through our coaching services. By discovering and identifying your employee’s goals, you’ll be one step closer to improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential as a true asset in your company.
  • Thinking assessments: Being aware of your personality and how it contributes to an organization is critical when choosing your career. After you’ve taken our personality assessment, we’ll help you recognize your distinctive personality traits and how they can work to your advantage in your career search.
  • Life/Career Map – Be responsible for your own development!  Learn what’s required and seek the training.